Hi, I'm Mikael Seppälä,
a Service Systems Designer

When you mix human-centered approaches from Service Design, Action Research and Sociology to Systems, Data and Management, what you get is a Service Systems Designer. That's a person who is quick to apprehend multiple scales, human, business, technological perspectives and facilitate the participatory design of purposeful systems.

As a Service Systems Designer I'd describe myself part Service Designer, part Business and Data Architect.

I can help mediate and create cohesion between human-centered, business and technological roles as a Service Designer, Business Architect, Service/Product Owner or a Project Manager.



Service Design

3 years xp

Business & Data Architecture

4 years xp

Project Management

6 years xp


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I'm a neo-generalist,
a perpetual, multi-disciplinary learner blending theory and practice

Curiosity drives me. Uncertainty and ambiguity inspire me.

In these times when change is a constant, we need to embrace complexity rather than avoid it. Dealing with it requires multi-disciplinary views, valuing and integrating the enriching perspectives of each and every one of us.

To make most of my neo-generalism, I strive to be a collaborative catalyst for the emerging future.